DUCTZ of Deer Valley Air Duct Cleaning Specialist Makes His Parents Proud

At first Mom thought he was going to be cleaning ducks and Dad said he was unaware that they needed to be cleaned

Deer Valley AZ – Vince Divarco, owner of DUCTZ, had a good laugh when he realized he had some explaining to do when he told his parents about his new duct cleaning business. They thought their well-educated son had gone into the pet care industry.

Mom said, “What? You’re going t be cleaning ducks?” Dad was heard in the background saying ‘I didn’t now they had to be cleaned.’ Divarco laughed as he explained the air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration service he would be providing.

For many years Vince Divarco dreamed of owning his own business. The dream became reality when he purchased his air duct cleaning franchise in 2007. Vince made it his top priority to provide superior customer service with professional workmanship and close attention to detail. He is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and completing the job right every single time.

Vince Divarco credits his success to his dedication to pleasing the customer and providing high-quality service. While many small businesses have failed during tough economic times, DUCTZ of Deer Valley (http://ductcleaningdeervalleyaz.blogspot.com/) has grown. Area residents and business owners rely on the local indoor air quality specialist for HVAC restoration and duct cleaning service.

DUCTZ customers include homeowners and property managers, commercial business owners, banks and new home buyers. Divarco also serves high-profile clients who require strict confidentiality, as well as several commercial clients including a government contract with the Air Force.

Vince Divarco takes pride in giving the best duct system cleaning service available. His service technicians are trained in the latest air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration techniques. Cleaning a ventilation system and doing the job right the first time is top priority. DUCTZ ensures customers they are getting the high-quality HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning service they deserve. Visit http://www.ductz.com/phoenix-deervalley to learn more.

Founded in 2002, DUCTZ has become the nation’s largest air duct cleaning and HVAC Restoration Company. DUCTZ professionals adhere to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA) standards, undergo rigorous training and are committed to a program of on-going education and quality service. The industry-leading principles and practices employed by DUCTZ professionals have helped to advance the industry by creating new, patented duct cleaning processes. DUCTZ continues to lead the way in certification, training and development.